After having already obtained their government licences PENTA INVESTMENTS will be initiating their WIND , SOLAR and GEOTHERMAL power projects along with the Mannapad Sea Port Project within Tamil Nadu and other selected suitable areas using state of the art technology from Germany, Switzerland, and Spain amongst other leading brands.

The Penta Investments project management team is based in Tamil Nadu

Project Funding for our Solar Farm Array in Tamil Nadu has been agreed and should be in place by end July 2018 so currently the team is working on the finalisation of this project. The land which was bought 6 years ago for this specific power project covers over 3700 acres with a further 3500 acres ready to purchase and will probably have a small wind turbine farm running alongside after completion of the solar first phase.


Wind Farms & Solar Array

Tamil Nadu

The proposed Solar Photo Voltaic power facility will be located at Pannamparai Village, Tuticorin district, Tamil Nadu. 1200 acres of land has been acquired for the project and the site is ready for the facility implementation.The project shall be developed by making use of the best engineering design, specifications, and documented performance tests on Photo voltaic panels, inverters, transformers, wiring, and related equipment.The Government has identified the power sector as the most essential and important infrastructure requirements for the country's economic growth and has announced various benefits for the investment on this sector.The announcement of these favourable industrial possibilities and advantages, provides the serious international investment community with the appropriate self-assuredness for such magnitude project development.The Project will be implemented on a Turn-Key basis and all aspects shall be completed including generation and transmission to the trans-national electricity power grid system within 18 months.



Geothermal Power Plant

The type will be a Multi Fuel Super Critical Thermal Power plant. The proposed locations are Thirunelveli District and Kanyakumari District both in Tamil Nadu. The total capacity of these projects will be 4,000 MW. So far we have completed the purchase of 2500 acres in one location and another 3600 acres are identified but yet to be purchased.The MOU has already been signed with the PTC of the Government of India.



 Mannapad Port

Latest Developments

A very important seaport to be developed in the Southern State of Tamil Nadu, India and a focal point for major future growth in the area. TheMANAPPAD port shall provide assistance to the industrial development of the state plus ongoing advancement in many other areas favourable to the local population and overall to the Country of India. The MANAPPAD port terminal shall serve as the support center for other important accomplishments in the state.

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