New Developments

A newly formed partnership consolidating well over 30 years of property portfolio management in the revitalised and currently rising UK property market now known as Penta Homes UK. Now armed with a large investment portfolio we will be investing in both the development and resale market and we will also be acting as principal investor in the development of new build projects both residential and commercial. Penta Homes UK has built up strong relationships with local suppliers, labour, architects, engineers and agents allowing us to provide a comprehnsive development service. Only the highest quality materials are chosen and we take great care of and have a personal interest in the entire development process.Everything we do is carefully thought through and delivered to the very finest detail.

Lettings & Management

Penta Homes UK have provided professional property and portfolio management to hundreds of Landlords over the past 30 years. We offer a tailored and complete solution for your investment property portfolio. We supply our clients corporate tenants from blue chip and City companies ensuring high rent yields and providing a guaranteed rental return. Our management division ensures your property portfolio is managed completely and effectively ensuring the the future value of your portfolio. Working hand in hand with our Sales and Aquisitions division we are able to advise them on key areas of high demand enabling Penta Homes UK to identify and source property that will yield the best returns.

Sales & Aquisitions

With extensive knowledge of London and the surrounding areas Penta Homes UK have a wealth of experience in sourcing investment property and in building up multi-million pound investment portfolios for its clients. These clients range from UK buyers through to international customers from all over the globe. Our team is constantly identifing new opportunities in the UK property market for our clients from single properties to multiple property developments. The UK property market is beginning to grow after a period of stagnation making this an exciting time to realise excellent returns from your investment. Penta Homes UK also has many years of experience in property sales allowing us to maximise the long term returns of your property portfolio.


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