Penta Pacific's Global Alliance


Our Past :    When  NRG HK first made a partnership with it's Indian counterpart back in 1999 in Dubai and started a garment local liaison office together the seeds of PENTA PACIFIC GLOBAL ALLIANCE were sown at that time. Soon after followed a partnership with four factories in Tiruppur, India , another liaison office in Sri Lanka and then further offices in Bangladesh , Pakistan , Cairo and Kenya. We have been manufacturing continuously from these areas for over 15 years.

With our long time HK partners , Richina Development - who have been operating from HK for over 25 years - we have also set up offices in China , Thailand , the Philippines and Indonesia. Long standing relations over many years with logistics companies , shipping companies and incoming freight forwarders along with distribution centres and local trucking firms has given us a global footprint that reaches out to all four corners of the world. 

Our Present :    As we all now live in a truly dynamic world and consumer trends keep changing from season to season , our whole group of companies have had to be agile in keeping up with the rapid changes and all the time with new and challenging consumer trends. This means that we have to be alert to the coming market forces and continue to search for new ways of delivering our products and services to our discerning international customers in a timely and efficient manner. 

By working together under the one umbrella , now known amongst us as the PENTA PACIFIC GLOBAL ALLIANCE  we aim to succeed in our quest to be innovative and efficient and be the obvious first choice for our worldwide customers and clients. We hope to achieve this by being completely prepared and capable for as and when those clients decide who they should contract and engage with when thinking about their current and future business. 

Our Future :    Now going fowards as a group we have all got together and have plans in place for raising investment funds to develop new ventures and projects in the sustainable energy market. Not just mainly in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu but also in other areas as well. We currently hold licences for wind farms and solar energy arrays as well as for a geothermal power plant in Tamil Nadu. We have the land already purchased in a number of places and other land designated and contracted to buy in various areas for current and coming future developments. 

We also hold a manufacturing licence to set up an affordable car plant which is proposed to be set up near Coimbatore in India. This in conjunction with the UK car company BIW Directly after the MOU was signed in London between NRG HK and BIW some time back now, PENTA INTEK applied for and received the state and government licence for the car plant and now we are only awaiting the allocation of investment funds before that project can be started. 

PENTA PACIFIC GROUP DMCC in DUBAI is ready with our partners DCM International for developing and managing most of our current projects in-house though some of the wind farm and geothermal power plant projects will be TURNKEY operations.

Property investment will primarily be aimed at the lucrative UK housing and commercial market through our own wholly owned company PENTA HOMES UK which will be armed with a large investment portfolio and will be investing in both the development and resale market. They will also be acting as principal investor in the development of new build projects both residential and commercial. Sales,lettings and portfolio management will be controlled by PENTA HOMES UK directly. 

PENTA SPAIN will handle the European market but more especially we will be considering developments of resorts and hotels and tourist area developments not only in Spain but also in India.


These and other strategic projects ready to be rolled out soon are the current plans for the near future within the PENTA PACIFIC GLOBAL ALLIANCE


Our Global Footprint

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